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Complaints book

COMPANY: Cusco Hotel Lodge
RUC: 112345678910
ADDRESS: Calle Saphy 440, Cusco


    1.- Identifier of the complainant consumer:

    2.- Identification of the contracted good:

    3.- Details of the complaint and the consumer's order

    CLAIM: Dissatisfaction related to products or services.
    COMPLAINT: Dissatisfaction not related to products or services; or, discomfort or dissatisfaction regarding customer service.

    Do you accept that we use your data for communication purposes with you, we will send a copy to: (consumer, supplier or INDECOPI as appropriate). The supplier must respond to the claim or complaint within a period not exceeding fifteen (15) working days, which is non-extendable.

    The formulation of the complaint does not preclude recourse to other means of dispute resolution, nor is it a prerequisite for filing a complaint with INDECOPI.

    Call to us 24/7:
    +51 970 555 777
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